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[TAROT CARD] Solas x Sariah Lavellan by StefTastan [TAROT CARD] Solas x Sariah Lavellan :iconsteftastan:StefTastan 307 12 DAO Choices - Dragon Age Keep by IwarinJones DAO Choices - Dragon Age Keep :iconiwarinjones:IwarinJones 36 15 Amell meets Zevran_Page 41 by IwarinJones Amell meets Zevran_Page 41 :iconiwarinjones:IwarinJones 14 2
Spice of Life Ch. 2 ~Takumi Aldini x Reader~
You moved aside to let the Aldini brothers prepare a station. When it seemed like they had gathered all their materials, you sat across from them trying not touch anything else.
“You look so uptight (Y/N), we don’t bite,” Isami said while finely cutting onions.
“Oh I know you don’t but I just don’t want to accidentally mess up your process, which um by the way what are you guys cooking?” You carefully leaned over the counter to see what Takumi had put in a large pot.
“We’re experimenting with a dish that will crush Yukihara Soma and show him who the first seat truly belongs to.” Takumi said as he clenched his teeth.
“Nii-chan is obsessed with beating Yukihara.”
“I AM NOT!” You giggled watching Takumi’s expression; there was both anger and embarrassment in his face.
You didn’t like just sitting there uselessly so whenever they needed something you would retrieve it for them. Dish after dish T
:iconquitequiescent:QuiteQuiescent 25 3
A Hard Bargain (Reader x Tahno) CH1
"Whether he was famous or not, you couldn't remember, but his name.. His name.. Wasn't it.. T..? Tan.. Tah..?"
-7:45 PM-
"I have one, I swear! I have a boyfriend-uh?" you protested as you were pulled out of the shop by your friends. What wonderful friends they were indeed, for knowing when you were calling a bluff, now. But they didn't want to hear any part of it.
"Ah, yeah?" your friend, Asa, questioned. Between her and Zhenzhen, she had known you the longest and knew that face you made when you were telling a lie and totally knew it. She blew a few strands of her light brown hair out of her eyes and swept it back behind her ears with the rest of her short hair. Zhenzhen continued to stare at you with light blue eyes. Her hair was in a high pony that split up towards the end into two thin braids. Her tall figure loomed over you as the two pressed on. "Well, then, who is it? Where'd you find him?" You almost heard a 'Why'd he want to date you?
:iconfrapunella:Frapunella 49 7
TahnoXReader The Jerk and The Loser 1
Part 1 – The Jerk Enters
“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Fire Ferrets, probending’s saddest excuse for a team. Tell me, how do a couple of amateurs, like you, luck your way into the tournament. Especially you, Ah-vatar.”

    “Welcome to Republic City, this city was founded by Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang after the Hundred Year War. This now serves as a safe haven and refuge for immigrants all across the United Republic of Nations. Our city has had significant high-rise development as well as the widespread use of automobiles, motorcycles, and airships,” someone announced on the docks. A fond smile crossed your face and you couldn’t help but shake your head as people of the city boasted about what a wonderful place it was. Carefully you slipped through the crowd and maneuvered around small fish vendors. “It’s great to be home,” you said quietly and glanced up at the bright blu
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 165 35
Crave You} Tahno x Reader pt.1
The White Falls Wolfbats were having an impeccable season. They were undefeated, yet again. You held the paper up to your friend, scowling. Your parents' hometown pro bending team had been disbanded at the end of last season, putting a fowl taste to pro bending in your opinion.
She grinned, Sun had family living in Republic City before it was Republic City. Needless to say, Sun was a huge Wolfbats fan. You rolled your eyes.
"Aw come on, you may hate them, but I am a huge fan, (name)." She dumped two sugar packets into her tea, and you scrunched up your nose in distaste.
"Aren't two sugar packets just a BIT overboard Sun? Tea is perfect plain." You pointed out, ever the tea critic.
"Ok, miss Fire Nation. We can't all have perfect taste, can we." She teased, flipping her long brown hair. You grinned.
"Yeah, you're right. If everyone were as perfect as me, nobody would think I'm so perfect anymore." You took a sip of your spiced tea, reminiscing your childhood in the Fire Nation. Your Gra
:iconsnips13:Snips13 18 8
HitsuKarin - Sleep by e--l--m--o HitsuKarin - Sleep :icone--l--m--o:e--l--m--o 1,301 213 So Worth It by Gwennafran So Worth It :icongwennafran:Gwennafran 170 117 Beautiful Soul_(Zevran x Warden)_Part 10 by IwarinJones Beautiful Soul_(Zevran x Warden)_Part 10 :iconiwarinjones:IwarinJones 35 14 DAO: Drinking is bad by SoniaCarreras DAO: Drinking is bad :iconsoniacarreras:SoniaCarreras 256 245 My Little Dragon - Page 1 by Tarisha My Little Dragon - Page 1 :icontarisha:Tarisha 16 9 DAO: On Swords and Scabbards by Tarisha DAO: On Swords and Scabbards :icontarisha:Tarisha 39 50 DAO: Zevran to the rescue by SoniaCarreras DAO: Zevran to the rescue :iconsoniacarreras:SoniaCarreras 167 81 Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial by Kimba616 Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial :iconkimba616:Kimba616 866 54
Symmetry For A Kiss Death the Kid X Reader
      “That's much better, now if I could just find something sweet to nibble on.” Reluctantly stepping out of your warm tub filled with fragrant, soapy water, you wrapped a towel around yourself and walked to your bedroom to get some clean clothes. “I should have stayed in the water longer, it's freezing out here.” Before you'd even gotten your clothes, you heard someone knocking at your door. “Just a second, I just got out of the tub.”
“It's important.” You recognized the voice as belonging to Kid. “Are you aware that your door is leaning slightly to the left? You should have someone fix that immediately.”
“Yeah, I noticed that months ago, I just keep forgetting to mention it.” Dropping your towel to the floor, you tried to get dressed as quickly as you could. You knew if Kid started obsessing over your door, he might not leave until it was fixed. The sound of the door opening and closing scared yo
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 423 14


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